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If you're experiencing dentinal hypersensitivity, Gluma may be the solution you need. Gluma is a patented desensitizing chemistry developed by Heraeus Kulzer specifically designed to treat and prevent dentinal hypersensitivity effectively.

What is Dentinal Hypersensitivity?

Dentinal hypersensitivity, often referred to as tooth sensitivity, is a common dental issue. It occurs when the dentin, the layer of your tooth beneath the enamel, becomes exposed. This exposure can lead to discomfort and pain when you consume hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and beverages or even when you breathe in cold air.

How Gluma Works:

Gluma's unique formula contains glutaraldehyde and HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate). This formula acts quickly to address dentinal hypersensitivity by sealing dentinal tubules, which are tiny channels in the dentin. These tubules are responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain to the nerves within your teeth.

Here's how Gluma works:

  1. Seals Dentinal Tubules: Gluma's patented formula creates a seal within the dentinal tubules. This seal prevents the movement of fluids within the tubules, which is a primary cause of localized hypersensitivity.
  2. Inhibits Bacterial Growth: Bacteria can also contribute to tooth sensitivity. Gluma helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, reducing their impact on sensitivity.
  3. Forms a Physiological Seal: Gluma's action takes place within the dentinal tubule complex. It reacts with protein fluids to form a physiological seal without creating a surface layer. This feature makes Gluma suitable for use under all indirect restorations.

If you've been struggling with tooth sensitivity and want a fast and effective solution, Gluma may be the answer you've been looking for.

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If you're interested in Gluma treatment or have questions about dentinal hypersensitivity, our dental team at Sherbourne Dental Associates is here to help. Don't let tooth sensitivity disrupt your daily life. Call us today at (416) 929-6707 to book your appointment with Dr. Mazahreh. Our conveniently located dental practice is at 105-600 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, ON. We look forward to helping you achieve a pain-free, healthy smile.

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