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Infection Control and Prevention Toronto

At Sherbourne Dental Associates, strict sterililization and cleanliness are top priority.

Infection Control and Prevention Toronto

All instruments are enclosed in stainless steel kits – wrapped and sterilized after each patient use. Sterilized kits are only unwrapped prior to patient use in front of each patient.

After a kit is used, it is taken to the sterilization bay (in a locked kit).

All instruments are cleaned and placed in a washer (Scican Hydrim Instrument Washer) to be cleaned and dried.

Then the kits are wrapped and placed in an autoclave to be sterilized.

Infection Control and Prevention Toronto

Once sterilized, instruments are placed in a sterile cabinet until ready to be used. Each kit also has a sterilization indicator which verifies the kit and instruments are sterilized. All info is logged digitally and kept on file.

All other sterilization policies are followed: PPE, hand washing stations, eye wash station, antibacterial hand rub in each op and at all entrances of the office.

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